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Corporate dance and Zumba Fitness classes for businesse





* ZUMBA® * Dance * Pilates * Yoga * Meditation * Mindfulness * Fitness *


Improve your workforce's physical, mental and emotional health with Zumba Stars London's wide range of brilliantly fun and effective dance, fitness and well-being classes, aimed specifically at businesses.


Our friendly instructors have bags of energy and expertise, ensuring everybody is welcomed, engaged and having fun together.

We work with you to provide the most effective solution for your team's needs with days, times and locations to suit you. 

  • online or in-person

  • indoors or outdoors

  • high or low intensity

  • we bring the classes to your office or a nearby venue


​Our classes can be geared to all demographics to ensure full accessibility and are perfect for breaking down barriers and encouraging better colleague communication.

For events and workshops, please visit our 'corporate events' page.


Prices vary depending on the duration, conditions, number of participants and number of classes booked. Please contact us with your requirements and we’ll be really happy to provide you with a quote.


Corporate ZUMBA & DANCE classes

ZUMBA provides the perfect programme to offer employees because it is accessible to everyone, regardless of gender, age, fitness level or ability. It allows colleagues to forget their stresses and have fun together whilst enjoying the obvious health benefits.



A typical ZUMBA for Business class can be 30 minutes (perfect for a lunchtime ‘blast’ or a morning ‘wake-up call’!), 45 minutes or 1 hour long and is specially

designed with the needs of each client in mind.


All classes include specially-choreographed, easy-to-follow dance routines to a mix of up-lifting music from around the world plus popular UK chart hits as well as warm-up and cool-down sections - all whilst keeping the emphasis firmly on FUN!

​All of our ZUMBA classes are run by official, licenced Zumba Instructors.

Dance is the perfect way to break the ice between employees and encourage team spirit - providing loads of laughs and enjoyment!


From a one-off class in a particular dance style to regular classes in a variety of styles.

We have specialist teachers and choreographers available from Tango to Hip-hop and everything inbetween!  They will take good care of you and gently lead beginners through the steps and technique needed for the dance whilst ensuring that you are always having FUN! 


Our Dance for Business classes are usually 45 minutes to 2 hours long and are specially designed with the needs of each client in mind.


All classes include:

  • a warm-up

  • basic technique for your choice of dance style

  • a step combination / routine

  • dance-based games and activities (optional)

Dance style suggestions

N.B. these are only suggestions of what we can offer. If you have other syle preferences, please contact us and we will do out best to fulfil your request.

salsa, samba, Latin, ballroom, disco, folk, bollywood, hip-hop, jazz, musical theatre, ballet, burlesque, contemporary, flamenco, street dance, jive, tango, African, Charleston, cheerleading.

All of our dance teachers are trained, industry professionals, often with West End dance credits.

For special 'themed' classes and workshops, please visit our 'corporate events' page

corporate Zumba & dance classes for businesses
corporate yoga, pilates, meditation & mindfulness classes

Release muscle tension, improve posture, get the blood flowing, ease stress, increase focus, give strength and be happy!  Practising yoga, pilates and meditation has also been found to help sleep and boost your immune system, boosting productivity at work and cutting sickness and absenteeism.



Pilates fuses the mind and body. It concentrates on toning and strengthening your core muscles which makes it ideal for relieving lower back pains associated with desk working. Pilates also works on balance, flexibility, posture and alignment; improving both physical and mental health and leaving you with a general feeling of well-being.


We teach mat pilates so that we can be fully mobile. Our instructors will work to the abilities and fitness levels of your specific group to ensure that you get the very most from our classes.  We can teach in a boardroom, office foyer or even outside - wherever there is space.

Yoga is an ancient philosophy designed to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. We focus on Hatha yoga: a physical exercise using a sequence of postures and breathing to promote energy flow and balance in body and mind. Classes also include relaxation and/or meditation.
Meditation and/or Mindfulness can also be provided as a stand-alone class; incorprating a range of meditation and mindfulness techniques to help understand and process emotions in a positive way. 
Benefits of yoga can include increased flexibility and muscle strength and better bone health. It boosts blood flow and toughens your immune system. As with meditation, it can reduce levels of stress and anxiety, increase focus and memory, boost self-esteem, release tension, promote better sleep and make you happier.


All our teachers are fully certified, experienced and insured.


For special 'themed' classes and workshops, please visit our 'corporate events' page

Corporate FITNESS classes
corporate fitness classes for businesses, London and UK



Improve productivity, boost morale and strengthen team spirit with our corporate fitness classes.  Our fun, motivational instructors will work with your team's individual needs to energise, de-stress, strengthen muscles, burn fat and boost fitness levels.

We provide a variety of fitness programmes perfect for corporate groups without the need for equipment so we can easily bring the fitness fun to your office - or even to the great outdoors!  We offer high and low intensity programmes to cater for all fitness levels and all our classes are run by fun, experienced, certified instructors. 

Classes we provide include:
  • Abs Workout (strengthen & tone)
  • Aerobics (high or low intensity workout to music)
  • Barre (ballet-based strengthening and toning)
  • Bootcamp (cardio & muscular - outdoor class)
  • Cardio & Stretch (high or low intensity)
  • Cardio Boxing (mix of boxing & kick boxing moves combined in a cardio workout)
  • Circuits (high intensity cardio & resistance)
  • Dance Fitness (mix of dance & aerobics; choice of various music/dance styles)
  • HIIT (high intensity interval training)
  • Insanity (high impact cardio, resistance & interval training)
  • LBT (Legs, Bums & Tums toning class)
  • Martial Arts (skill, strength, stamina)
  • PiYo (low impact yoga & pilates fusion)
  • Power walking (outdoor, instructor-led walking club)
  • Running (outdoor, instructor-led running club)
  • Stretch & Tone (low impact)
  • STRONG by Zumba (high intensity, music led cardio & toning)
  • Tai Chi (low impact movement/meditation)
If you would like to try a class which is not on our list, let us know as we have experienced instructors in many disciplines.


All our fitness instructors are fully certified, experienced and insured.

For special 'themed' classes and workshops, please visit our 'corporate events' page

Employee Corporate Fitness & Wellbeing Days, UK
Some of our previous clients...

- Dow Jones


"Thanks again for the session.  I had really good feedback from everyone that came."

- Oktra

We had an amazing time, a lot of fun and certainly worked up a sweat. I highly recommend it to everyone. Julia ran a fantastic and fun class."

it was a real pleasure hosting you last week. ...People enjoyed it so much and this was confirmed by the positive feedback received in the following days. I want to warmly thank you again for allowing our associates to have fun!!

"So much fun! ...Really enjoyed it!"


- Marriott

"Thank you very much for today, it was a lot of fun!"

- Hawkins Brown

"Loved it! You were very enthusiastic and made the class easy to follow which is important when doing Zumba as a silent disco! Really good mix of music styles too; something to suit all tastes."

- Bio-Oil

"Wow! That was so great!! Thank you so much! We have had great feedback!"

- Deutsche Post DHL Group

"We all really enjoyed the session! We thought it was really uplifting and energetic and really got us ready for the day."

- Porter Novelli

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