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Children's dance classes, clubs and workshops for schools, London and UK




Whether you're after a weekly ballet class, a street dance club, a Bollywood dance workshop or a choreographer for your school show; we provide the solution to meet your needs & make sure the children are fully engaged, having fun & excited about the experience

Choose your dance style or topic and we will do the rest!


classes & clubs

Educational, Cultural dance workshops


Not Just P.E.! We work with you to provide curriculum-friendly workshops to support your history, geography, English, R.E. and drama lessons and bring them to life through dance!


Dance styles from around the world (e.g. Greek, African, carnival, Indian, etc.) and from historical periods (e.g. jive, Charleston, medieval, court dances); Book Week; Black History Month; Chinese New Year; Diwali...  The list is endless.  Contact us now to discuss ideas:   

Our DANCE programme not only provides an important alternative form of exercise to the usual competitive sports offered in schools but also teaches children how to understand, use and control their bodies as well as introducing them to a valuable performance-based art form.


Our dance classes are energetic, action-packed, fun-filled sessions offering a you a wide choice of genres (e.g street dance, jazz, ballet, jive, Latin, etc.) The children learn age-appropriate dance moves to great music with the choreography becoming a bit more challenging as the age of the children increases.


The classes develop the children's fitness, rhythm, co-ordination, balance, stamina, musicality, memory and sequencing skills. We also focus on some general dance technique and teach the children how to warm-up and stretch their bodies.


The classes are all-inclusive - our aim is to boost every child's confidence and self esteem and get them all having fun to the music and excited about dance.

We also provide exam classes with the opportunity to enter students into RAD/ISDT dance exams, subject to availability.


Our teachers cover a wide variety of dance genres including - but not limited to- the following:


* jazz * street dance * ballet * Latin (salsa, samba, etc.) * ballroom * musical theatre * jive * Charleston * tap * folk * Bollywood * African * contemporary * lyrical * flamenco * Irish * hip-hop * creative * modern * cheer leading *

street dance, jazz, modern, ballet, Latin, charleston, tap, folk, bollywood, African dance, contemporary, flamenco, Irish, hip-hop, carnival dance lessons, PPA cover, workshops, curriculum,
musical theatre

Our Musical Theatre programme gives children the opportunity to experience the excitement of the increasingly poplular genre of musical theatre, focusing on stories and songs that they know and love (Matilda, Frozen, The Lion King, Mary Poppins, etc.).  Skills focused on include rhythm, co-ordination, expression, teamwork and musicality whilst building character, self-confidence and self-esteem.


These high-energy classes have an emphasis on performance skills.  Classes can focus on dance OR they can combine the disciplines of dance, acting and singing.  Weekly classes can be stand alone or can work towards an end-of-course presentation.

Children's musical theatre classes, clubs and workshops for schools, London and UK
school productions

Do you want to put on a great show for parents?

We can provide you with an experienced Director and/or Choreographer to work with you or on their own to either create a devised piece of theatre based around the children's ideas or work an existing script into a successful, enjoyable performance for the whole school community to enjoy.

* plays * musicals * dance shows * cabarets * graduations * fetes & fairs * concerts ... and more *

director, choreographer, producer for school plays, musicals, dance shows, cabarets, graduations, fetes and fairs, concerts
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