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Corporate events - Zumba, yoga, dance, fitness & singing interactive entertainment for conferenes, team-building & other business events




Zumba Stars London provides fully interactive ZUMBA®, dance, singing, yoga and fitness entertainment at parties, conferences, team-building days and events - guaranteed to liven up the atmosphere, break down barriers and get everyone moving, laughing and having FUN together!

Our qualified, experienced event leaders are full of energy and fun and will get the whole room jumping with bespoke event solutions to meet your particular aims and needs.

Our entertainment programmes are accessible to everyone, regardless of gender, age, fitness or ability. They allow participants to forget stress, build friendships and team spirit and have fun together whilst enjoying the obvious health benefits. 


Examples of corporate events we provide services for:

  • Team nights out
  • Away days
  • Christmas parties
  • Summer parties
  • Conferences
  • Team-building
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Dinners
  • Product launches
  • Ice breakers
  • Energisers
  • Flash mobs


We will work with you to deliver the best event possible.  Check out what we can offer below or contact us to discuss your requirements.


Each event is unique and we offer you a tailor-made solution, so please contact us with your requirements and we’ll be really happy to provide you with a quote. 


ZUMBA for Business events
ZUMBA will get you energised, alert, motivated, de-stressed, having fun and moving together as a team.
The perfect combination of dance and fitness; our energetic instructors keep everyone moving with easy-to-follow, fun dance routines to a non-stop mix of Latin, international and commercial tunes or, if you prefer, we can work to a music theme of your choice. E.g. disco, pop, Bollywood, rock & roll, etc.

ZUMBA spreads the infectious feel-good factor that comes with moving to music and is appropriate for people of all ages, fitness levels and abilities.

Entertainment can be anything from a 10 minute ice-breaker to a 2 hour workshop.  We can work around most spaces including fixed theatre style seating and outdoor venues. Although gym clothes are advantageous for longer workshops, it is not a necessity, so our entertainment also works well at conferences and evening events.


As well as our usual easy-to-follow ZUMBA dance routines and warm-up and cool-down sections, we provide fun team games and challenges (e.g. dance battles; team choreography; limbo dancing, 'Strictly'-style competitions, etc.) plus accessories and prizes on request.

Silence is golden

We run 'silent disco' style Zumba sessions with wireless headphones for when you need to keep the peace!
DANCE for Business events
We will turn your David Brents and Theresa Mays into Justin Timberlakes and Darcey Bussells with our specially themed dance workshops! Bring everyone together to create a special dance performance - perfect for all abilities - with lots of laughs along the way!

We will teach a hoe-down at a conference, show management some secret disco moves to suprise everyone at the Christmas party or liven up an away-day with a 'Strictly' style workshop.

We work to a theme of your choice (e.g. Latin, Bollywood, 1980s, disco, burlesque, hip-hop, cheerleading, ballroom, Grease, Thriller, musicals, country & western, street dance, carnival, jive, Charleston, etc. etc.). 

Workshops include the following:
  • A warm-up to get everyone going
  • Learn some funky 'basic moves' from the dance style of your choice
  • Learn a simple, fun routine from the dance style of your choice
  • Fun team games and challenges (e.g. dance battles; team choreography; limbo dancing, 'Strictly'-style competitions, etc.) 
  • Accessories and prizes on request
Silence is golden
We run 'silent disco' style dance sessions with wireless headphones for when you need to keep the peace!
SINGING & THEATRE for Business events
Great for bonding, energising, inspiring and letting go.
Throughout the centuries, music has been used to create a sense of community. Research has shown that group singing provides a hard and fast method to break the ice and form bonds1 whilst engaging both the brain and the body.
Singing activities have become increasingly popular in recent times due to the success of television shows such as The X-Factor and The Voice and we are here to make sure every employee finds their voice and harnesses that x-factor!
Our event leaders are professional musical theatre performers, full of fun and infectious enthusiasm. They will help you hit the right note and produce a confident performance from even the most timid.
As our leaders are 'triple-threats', we can also mix in some dance and drama into your singing session or deliver the session in character, according to your particular event theme.
Our group singing sessions work brilliantly to energise attendees at the start of a seminar, to give a stress-busting finale to a conference, to provide a bonding exercise for a managerial away-day (perhaps leading to a performance at a later company event) plus team building days and workshops.
Workshops include the following:
  • A performance of your chosen song by our event leaders
  • A fun vocal warm-up to get everyone going
  • Learn the song of your choice as one group or separated into smaller teams
  • Group performance of chosen song
  • OPTIONAL: fun games and challenges (team and/or individual) or X-Factor-style competitions
  • OPTIONAL: learn some funky moves to go with your chosen song
  • OPTIONAL: add drama games and activities to get everyone into character
  • Accessories and prizes on request
YOGA & FITNESS for Business events
Bring the Fitness Fun to your event: motivate and exhilarate with our top instructors.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor events, our qualified, motivational instructors deliver fun, inclusive fitness sessions to boost employee morale, encourage team spirit and improve physical health and mental well-being; helping to combat stress and increase productivity.


We provide everything from a 10 minute aerobics or cardio boxing energiser, a yoga and meditation breakout, a team outdoor bootcamp session to one of our popular Employee Fitness & Wellbeing Days. We work with you to provide the perfect FIT for your event needs.


Choose from a wide variety of high or low intensity fitness programmes to match the skills and fitness levels of your gruop.

Individual workshops in yoga, meditation, aerobics, martial arts, HIIT, boot camp, pilates, dance fitness, circuits, cardio boxing, etc. etc.  For more information on the programmes we provide, click here.
Silence is golden
We run 'silent disco' style fitness sessions with wireless headphones for when you need to keep the peace!
Zumba & dance interactive corporate events & team-building
Yoga & fitness interactive corporate events & team-building
Singing & drama interactive corporate events & team-building
Some of our previous clients...

- Dow Jones


"Thanks again for the session.  I had really good feedback from everyone that came."

- Oktra

We had an amazing time, a lot of fun and certainly worked up a sweat. I highly recommend it to everyone. Julia ran a fantastic and fun class."

it was a real pleasure hosting you last week. ...People enjoyed it so much and this was confirmed by the positive feedback received in the following days. I want to warmly thank you again for allowing our associates to have fun!!

"So much fun! ...Really enjoyed it!"


- Marriott

"Thank you very much for today, it was a lot of fun!"

- Hawkins Brown

"Loved it! You were very enthusiastic and made the class easy to follow which is important when doing Zumba as a silent disco! Really good mix of music styles too; something to suit all tastes."

- Bio-Oil

"Wow! That was so great!! Thank you so much! We have had great feedback!"

- Deutsche Post DHL Group

"We all really enjoyed the session! We thought it was really uplifting and energetic and really got us ready for the day."

- Porter Novelli

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