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Private group and individual children's classes in Zumba Kids, dance, drama, yoga, singing and mindfulness in London



Zumba® Kids, Zumba® for Teens , Dance, Yoga, Singing & Drama: bespoke classes for your children and their friends.



Let our teachers come to you or we will find a venue in your preferred location at a day and time to suit you. 

Zumba®, drama, yoga, street dance, ballet, hip hop, jazz, tap, Bollywood, musical theatre, contemporary, and more. Regular or one-off classes.



The ZUMBA® Kids programme is the ultimate dance-fitness party for children aged 4-11.

It features age-appropriate music and moves that get kids moving to the beat, allowing them to be themselves and dance like no one's watching!


The classes inspire children to express themselves through movement and play whilst improving their overall health and well-being. They are packed with dance routines, culture reviews and the best games ensuring that the children leave fitter, wiser and - above all - happy!


Kids love it because it's on the cutting edge and fun and parents love it because it's active and increases their children's focus and self-confidence, boosts their metabolism and enhances their co-ordination.

Each class includes:
  • warm-up and cool-down sections;

  • specially-choreographed, child-friendly dance routines to music from around the world (including hip-hop, cumbia, reggaeton, soca, bhangra, merengue and much, much more);

  • rhythm reviews (the study of a particular dance rhythm and its origin) plus;

  • games to promote leadership, respect, teamwork, pride, confidence, creativity, co-ordination and balance, memory and sequencing as well as physical fitness.

…all whilst keeping the emphasis of the class firmly on FUN!


ZUMBA® Kids classes are all-inclusive and cater for all levels of ability and fitness. 




Zumba® Kids classes

The ZUMBA® for Teens programme is the ultimate dance-fitness party for children aged 12-18.


Easy-to-learn dance steps, specially choreographed for this age group, and aerobic exercise moves are combined and performed to age-appropriate Latin, chart and international music, incorporating rhythms with international flair. Movements are executed in fast and slow intervals, and the variety of steps work on every part of the body. ZUMBA® is a dance fitness party that teens won't want to miss!

A typical ZUMBA® for Teens class is 45 minutes or 1 hour long and specially designed for students of this age group to combine music, movement and community.

Each class includes:


  • warm-up section;

  • specially-choreographed, teen-friendly, easy-to-follow dance routines to a mix of international music from around the world (including salsa, hip-hop, cumbia, reggaeton, soca, bhangra, merengue and much, much more) plus some popular UK chart hits and;

  • cool-down section and stretches


…all whilst keeping the emphasis of the class firmly on FUN! 


ZUMBA® for Teens classes are all-inclusive and cater for all levels of ability and fitness. 




Zumba® for teens classes
Private group and individual Zumba dance fitness classes for teens

Active, exciting, engaging, fun-filled dance classes for children aged 4 -18.


Choose from a wide range of dance styles (e.g street dance, jazz, ballet, jive, Latin, etc.) The children learn age-appropriate dance moves to great music with the choreography becoming a bit more challenging as the age of the children increases.


The classes develop the children's fitness, rhythm, co-ordination, balance, stamina, musicality, memory and sequencing skills. We also focus on some general dance technique and teach the children how to warm-up and stretch their bodies.


The classes are all-inclusive - our aim is to boost every child's confidence and self esteem and get them all having fun to the music and excited about dance.


Private, fun, group and individual children's dance classes in street dance, jazz, ballet, Latin, contemporary, etc.
dance classes
drama classes

Expert drama tuition and private group classes from trained industry professionals for children aged 4 - Adult.



Audition technique, public speaking, LAMDA exams, voice classes, sight reading, general drama techniques, etc. 

Our teachers are trained, professional actors, experienced in working with children. We create bespoke, tailored sessions and work one-to-one with your child to bring out their best. Not only can we aid them with audition or exam preparation but also work towards voice improvement, social skills and improved confidence.

Group Classes

Get your children and their friends together for fun, imaginiation-fuelled private drama sessions.


Our classes focus on bringing out individuality, developing communication skills, encouraging team work, growing self-confidence and nurturing imagination but, most of all, FUN!


Private group and individual childrn's drama classes, audtion technique, public seaking, LAMDA exams, voice lessons
yoga classes

Calming, gentle, playful yoga practice for children aged 3 - Adult.


Our classes use themes, music & play to compliment stretching & breathing to ensure the children remain engaged, active & having fun.

Physical benefits include:

  • increased flexibility

  • improved posture

  • support of a child's growing body

  • muscular strength

  • physical fitness

  • balance & co-ordination

Mental & emotional benefits include:

  • increased self-confidence

  • larger attention span and improved memory

  • release of stress & anxiety

  • growing feeling of calm & relaxation

  • self-awareness & acceptance


private group and individual children's yoga classes and mindfulness lessons
singing classes

Develop technique, improve posture and sing out with confidence. Individual tuition for children aged 7 - Adult.


Our private singing lessons are tailored towards each individual student, providing a programme to suit their own range and ability and giving then the correct tools to control and develop their voice to its full potential. Either work towards examinations or focus on bringing out a child's self confidence / developing language skills or just for the pure fun of singing!


Classes are run by qualified, professionally-trained, experienced singers and voice teachers.


Classes may include the following:


* warm-ups * breath * pitch * tone * projection * articulation * control * range * resonance *

* posture * repertoire * physiology *

* exam preparation *



Private children' singing lessons London; voice tuition, singing exams, singing for confidence, audition practice and repertoire
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