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Children's kids' fun fitness classes, clubs and workshops for schools, London, Surrey, Kent, Essex, Berkshire, Hertfordshire and UK





Boost your students' physical activity with our creative, entertaining, inclusive, non-competitive fitness programmes.


By blending fitness with imagination, play, music and mindfulness, we cultivate a love of exercise that students may not have realised they had.

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BUZZFIT® Fun Fitness

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BUZZFIT® is a fun, stimulating, varied, task-based class in which students are taught to develop and master gross motor skills; building strength, coordination, balance, flexibility and agility through practising exercise and fitness in a safe, positive environment.


Whilst this dynamic class follows the same format each week, the activities are varied and plentiful to ensure that children remain engaged whilst continually developing new skills.

BuzzFit Fun Kids Fitness. Circuits, skills & games.
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creative fitness
Story-led fitness fun

Our Creative Fitness programme combines elements of physical theatre, creative play and challenge-based exercise to create a fitness adventure children love!


Students are taken on exciting, story-led adventures where they must undergo fun fitness challenges to complete their quest. Mixed with energising games, invigorating warm-ups and relaxing cool-downs, every class provides an effective workout for bodies and imaginations.

BuzzFit kids fitness classes for schools: circuits,skills, stretches, meditation, gameshes
Children's creative fitness. Story-led fitness adventure fun. Classes, clubs & workshops for schools, London & UK
creative fitness
stretch 'n' flex

Build focus, unwind, support growth, encourage self-awareness, improve alignment, balance and flexibility and strengthen body and soul.

A low-impact fitness class using a variety of age-appropriate stretching and gentle movement techniques to work on posture, movement and flexibilty. Learn basic gymnastic plus relaxation and breathing  exercises

Children's stretch n Flex. Mindful movement classes, clubs and workshops for schools
stretch n flex
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